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Natalie's first EP, "Show & Tell," was a labor of love and completely self-funded. It's full of warm arrangements and material that avoids formula. The self-titled track, "Show and Tell," brings more of a classic feel (similar to Taylor Swift's "Lover"), while "The Professional" is a yearning tune that explores the heartbreak of loving a womanizer. Everything comes together on "Maybe," a soulful, diva song with tones that resonate.


In 2012 Natalie decided to release her second EP, "Shine Your Light," which was fully funded by her fans through crowdfunding. “When I Fall,” co-written with Cam (Grammy nominated for "Burning House") and Douglas Showalter (Cam, Rafferty, Dyrtybyrd), veers towards country pop and has a level of emotion that resonates fast as well a strong and memorable chorus hook. “So Close” has an infectiousness that's gives the chorus a contagious style that's hard to get away from, and “Pieces” is a compelling, dark and moody song with thought provoking lyrics and an honest vocal performance that connects emotionally.


Natalie's latest EP, "Brave is Beautiful," produced by Wayne G. Miller (Christina Perri), is dark yet hopeful. It consists of catchy songs with compelling messages, asking the listener to take a stand, urging them to follow the quiet whispers in their heart trying to lead them to true happiness. “Take another step, chase all the limits to find your strength, ‘cause darling brave is beautiful.”